The ultimate aim of Yoga is to experience the Truth, by realizing the true nature of our ‘Self’ and the Universe. Then one can become free from the chain of cause and effect (Karma) which brings us to earthly life again and again. In that highest state of yogic realization, one can regain one’s real nature – Eternal Existence, Supreme Wisdom, Absolute Bliss (Sat-Chit- Ananda). According to Yoga, the ‘self’ (soul) is timeless, unchanging and free of sorrows. Yoga is therefore a spiritual quest. However, along the path of yoga, the yogi also gains health, happiness, tranquillity and wisdom, which are indicators of progress and an encouragement to continue the practice.

Hala offers the yogic approach towards health or the person who is suffering from a disease, differs very much from the one of medical science. The latter tries to isolate the pathogenic factor; a microorganism, a toxic substance, a metabolic disorder – and eliminate it. Of course, this principle is valuable, but it fails if the root cause is unknown. In this case, the symptom-oriented therapy often proves unsatisfactory.

Scope Of Service

  • Maintains healthy lifestyle.
  • Relief from stress.
  • Gaining more control over emotions.
  • Improves your resistance to disease.