Welcome to Hala Medical Health Care

Hala Medical Service has consistently expanded and improved its boundaries from its humble beginning to provide highest quality healthcare service for the community it serves. Our Vision is to provide innovative, safe, client-focused, culturally-sensitive nursing and personal care in cost effective and efficient manner.

Our specialty practices include home health, adult nursing, paediatrics, counselling and therapeutic, and home health care services; nursing care services at home for adults and seniors dealing with chronic illness, injury, or disability; non-medical assistance with activities of daily living for adults and elders, including self-care; and nursing, therapeutic, and assertive home health care services for minors also.

Hala’s team is known for the quality of service we provide to the Kuwait society. We, as a team, work towards delivering quality health care in the convenience of the patient's home. In the recent years, we have been providing services to corporate clients and our client include multinational corporations, schools, and institutions for which we have not just provided the staff but also have helped manage the complete medical services thereby enhancing the delivery process at an affordable price.

Health defines everything and is the vital indicator of presence. Sustainable health and wellness is an integral part of a sustainable future and it is essential for people to be healthy both physically and mentally in order to thrive. When we talk about health, we do not just mean physical health but it also includes spiritual and social health. We plan and design all our processes accordingly.

You just keep holding on to your hopes and dreams, we will protect your health.