Physiotherapy Home Care Services

Hala Health Care Services' dedicated team of licensed nurses and physiotherapists provide our physiotherapy service at the comfort of your home for a faster healing and recovery.

Physiotherapy is a vital part of recovery. It offers effective treatment of injury, illness, or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy and education. Physiotherapy helps patients of all ages, from pediatric to elderly care in order to maintain their health, manage pain and prevent disease.

Our qualified physiotherapists help patients at home by providing care tailored to the individual patient’s condition and needs.

Scope Of Service

  • Post-Surgery and Trauma Therapy: Post-surgery and trauma can lead to intense pain, edema, decreased muscle endurance, cardiopulmonary endurance, and functional limitation. Our physiotherapists can help patients reduce limb edema, relieve pain and improve muscle function. They also provide functional activity training including ambulation and balance training, gait correction and assistive device support to expedite recovery and improve quality of life.
  • Sports Injury and Pain Therapy: Our physiotherapists are well equipped to treat sports injuries and provide pain relief. Our team uses various treatment modalities such as interferential current (IFC) therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, hot/cold pack administration, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), therapeutic massage, mobilization technique, and myofascial release techniques.
  • Movement therapy: To reduce pain, our physiotherapists will train specific muscles, stretch tight soft tissues based on a specially designed exercise program to help patients regain correct posture and return to normal activities.
  • Post-Stroke and Neurological Disease Therapy: People suffering from stroke or other neurological conditions need complicated and precise neuro-musculoskeletal control to accomplish daily activities such as walking, bathing, and housekeeping. Our physiotherapists can use various facilitation techniques and therapeutic exercises to enhance motor performance, motor learning and motor control ability. For high-risk infants, our physiotherapists evaluate overall developmental status, including muscle tone, primitive reflex, stimulation response, and developmental milestones. They can provide positioning, massage and teach parents how to care for the preterm infant in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Lower Back and Neck Pain Therapy: To reduce back pain, our physiotherapists apply different therapy modalities such as heat application, ice packs, electrical stimulation, exercises, and stretching to increase function and strength. They can also provide education about correct body mechanics and prescribe a customized home exercise program to prevent future back pain.