Stroke Management

Post Stroke care requires expert monitoring – the care plan needs to be personalised depending on type of stroke and the amount of brain tissue that was affected. At One Life, the long-term goal of rehabilitation is to improve function and quality of life so that the survivor can become as independent as possible. With adequate care, the probability of arepeat incident can be greatly reduced.

The primary goal of our treatment plans is to help the patient regain normal function, to ensure their overall well-being and help them gain independence in everyday routine to the maximum extent possible.

Stroke patients undergo both physical and emotional strain due to temporary or permanent loss of some motor, speech or other functions. Our clinical team considers all the physical aspects and is also sensitive to the emotional aspects of the patient’s traumatic experience and factors these in while devising the treatment plan.


  • Stroke recognition and pre hospital care.
  • Achieving form of communication
  • Transport service at the time of critical Emergency
  • Be Consistent in Patients activities
  • Relive Pressure and attain good body positioning.