Remote Patient Care

Introducing our Remote Patient Care and Health Counselor!.

In line with Hala Health Care Services' innovation and leadership, we brought MIMS (commonly known as EMR – Electronic Medical Records) to live, with state of the art HIPPA compliant enterprise content management system with connected devices and advanced remote access capabilities.

As well as innovative technology for real-time data collection and immediate care decisions to monitor the patient’s vital signs and interfere in the right moment.

Remote Patient Care’s main focus is on the patient’s safety and equipment’s reliability to provide the best services.

The devices installed can take the patient’s blood pressure, pulse, chest fluid status, weight and other parameters in the patient’s home.

The results are then sent through the phone line to a computer in our office. The medical staff reads these vital signs and calls the patient when needed. Talk about real innovation and a smooth process!

Remote Patient Care focuses on patients who are :

  • Elderly
  • Suffering from chronic diseases
  • Under home healthcare treatments